Disable UAC in Windows 10 to avoid annoying alerts

A few years ago when Windows Vista was released, it incorporated a control that blocked administrative tasks, in such a way that to continue we had to click Accept or Continue. Something quite annoying when installing software or when performing certain tasks. The most curious thing about this feature is that it was designed to prevent unwanted

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Disable System Restore and free up storage in Windows 10

In Windows, the System Restore function provides protection in the case that something goes wrong after installing a program, drivers, among other things, giving the option to restore the system to a previous state automatically generated by the system. But for people who like to live life on the edge or just see it as unnecessary and a waste of

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Share files with NFS Ubuntu server and Windows 10 client

In this short guide I will talk about how to mount a shared drive that is in an Ubuntu or Debian installation that will be the server with the NFS (Network File System) drive, on a network drive accessible from Windows 10 who will play the role of client. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Installation and configuration in Ubuntu or Debian as a

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