Fix: systemd-run doesn't run correctly on Cron

In systems like Debian and Ubuntu, we have the systemd-run tool, which is part of the systemd system. One of the characteristics of this tool is the ability to control and limit system resources with quotas and limits for each service executed. There are several ways to run systemd-run, but the main reason for this entry is for those times when it

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Best Opera features - the web browser

Opera is a web browser that many known for being fast and light, however, its popularity has been falling over the years, mainly because the giant Chrome has not stopped devouring market share since the first years of its existence. Considering that it is still a good browser, in addition to everything reliable, and that at some point he decided to

How to share a folder or file on Google Drive

Google Drive stands out for its ability to offer users a collaborative environment with its flagship applications Google Docs and Google Sheets, but it should not be forgotten that it also works as a storage unit, equally capable of working together or sharing content with third parties. Perhaps its main attraction is that it is an alternative to

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How to unban IP from Fail2ban

When we use Fail2ban we can be sure that brute force attacks will not prosper on our server, but the drawback of this type of protection is that we ourselves, the end users can be blocked or banned by exceeding the maximum attempts allowed in each service, if we have somewhat flexible configurations that only block us for a few minutes and hours

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Encrypt and decrypt GPG files on Windows

Encrypting and decrypting GPG files on Linux is really easy due to its ease of installation, but on Windows you need to manually download GnuPG in order to encrypt and decrypt files. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Download From the Gpg4win page: We enter the download page and if we only want to download it without donating, we click on the

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Computer restarts only when gaming (power supply)

When we buy a graphics card, the only thing we take into account is if the power source that we will use includes the necessary connectors for power and if the total watts is sufficient. So far everything is fine, it is a good start to combine a power source with a certain graphics card, but there is a secondary aspect, but very important that we

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Use lower Power Supply than the recommended in a computer

When it comes to choosing a power source to build a desktop computer or when upgrading components, an element that can give us headaches is the Power Supply or Power Supply. Besides that we have to choose a brand that offers us quality, we have to choose well how many Watts it will be. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are several calculators

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Watts Calculator for computer Power supply

Sometimes it is much cheaper to build a new computer buying the parts separately, but the problem arises when we do not know which Power Supply to choose, and although being guided by Watts is the most common, it is not really that easy to estimate. A simple way is to search on the Internet for the maximum consumption of each part, and thus

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