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Best Opera features - the web browser

Opera is a web browser that many known for being fast and light, however, its popularity has been falling over the years, mainly because the giant Chrome has not stopped devouring market share since the first years of its existence. Considering that it is still a good browser, in addition to everything reliable, and that at some point he decided to

Fix: A newer version of uTorrent is already running

When we download through Torrent, whatever the file type, not everything is peachy. uTorrent, although it is rare that it fails, since most of the problems are related to the Torrent network itself, which would be the lack of Seeders and Leechers which causes us not to be able to download content, followed by local problems of our connection to

Add SVG images support and compression in Nginx

With the arrival of the SVG format (vector images) many years ago, it is necessary to configure our servers correctly to serve it in the best way. Although this is only supported in modern web browsers, using it properly will give us good benefits such as the possibility of using only one scalable version of an image instead of several depending on