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Update software packages on any Debian version

Debian is a Linux operating system widely used in web servers, despite being very friendly, we all need a push to understand how it works. As most servers do not have a graphical interface, since it is not recommended or necessary to have it, we have to use the terminal or console to make all the...

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Change user in Linux from Terminal

When we use the Terminal in Linux, the most common thing is that we are connected with a user without many privileges, and in many cases the need arises to use the root user, therefore we use "sudo" to get some magic, and the problem is that if we want to use it directly in the most modern systems...

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Add Swap in Linux without having to reboot

In Linux there are two ways to have swap. The first is with a partition created when installing the system, and the second is with a file in our file system. An example in which we might need to add swap is in the case of virtual servers or virtual machines, since they do not have swap by default...

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Share files with NFS Ubuntu server and Windows 10 client

In this short guide I will talk about how to mount a shared drive that is in an Ubuntu or Debian installation that will be the server with the NFS (Network File System) drive, on a network drive accessible from Windows 10 who will play the role of client. Installation and configuration...

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Encrypt and decrypt files with key GPG in Linux terminal

First of all GnuPG or GPG is a tool used for data encryption. It is used via the command line and is quite easy to use. It is recommended to compress or group multiple files instead of encrypting one by one, recommended in the case of backup copies, using zip, tar or with the format of our...

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Add SVG images support and compression in Nginx

With the arrival of the SVG format (vector images) many years ago, it is necessary to configure our servers correctly to serve it in the best way. Although this is only supported in modern web browsers, using it properly will give us good benefits such as the possibility of using only one scalable...

How to disable Strict Mode of MySQL and MariaDB

The strict mode in MySQL or MariaDB is a mode that limits us and does not allow us to carry out bad practices, such as inserting a large number of characters when the limit is low in a certain field. Doing this can have two consequences depending on the version we use, for example it can cut our...

Restart Pure-FTPd in ISPConfig 3 when it cannot be accessed

Pure-FTPd is an FTP server for Linux-based environments that requires little knowledge to run. As not everything is sweet, there are times when we have problems, and there are problems that basically have no explanation, and to solve them it is enough to restart the software services, in the case of...

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Increase size limit when uploading files PHP, Nginx and Apache

When we upload files through PHP, there are usually restrictions on the simultaneous number of them, and more than anything on the maximum size per file that we are allowed to upload. A very common default maximum size value is around 2MB per file, and in most scenarios this is too low a value...

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Service management: Start, Stop, Restart in Debian and Ubuntu

Debian and Ubuntu are Linux operating systems that work practically the same, and have a particular way of handling services, although they now use "Systemd" they still use the "service" command. Although they may seem small, it is always helpful to have certain shortcuts to perform tasks. The...

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