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Use lower Power Supply than the recommended in a computer

When it comes to choosing a power source to build a desktop computer or when upgrading components, an element that can give us headaches is the Power Supply or Power Supply. Besides that we have to choose a brand that offers us quality, we have to choose well how many Watts it will be. ...

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Compress and Decompress entire directories in Linux

As not everything comes with a manual, or many times it is difficult for us to find documentation for some users, especially if it is a new operating system, such is the case of Linux. If you know how to use it, the console is a very powerful tool for any user, and you don't necessarily need to be...

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Copy files and folders from Terminal with CP on Linux

The terminal in Linux is a very powerful tool if you know how it works and you know how to use it. A big problem for all beginners is to know the basic commands, a very basic command that we should all know, is the command that allows us to copy files from the Terminal, and it is so simple that it...

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Disable UAC in Windows 10 to avoid annoying alerts

A few years ago when Windows Vista was released, it incorporated a control that blocked administrative tasks, in such a way that to continue we had to click Accept or Continue. Something quite annoying when installing software or when performing certain tasks. The most curious thing about this...

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Encrypt and decrypt files with key GPG in Linux terminal

First of all GnuPG or GPG is a tool used for data encryption. It is used via the command line and is quite easy to use. It is recommended to compress or group multiple files instead of encrypting one by one, recommended in the case of backup copies, using zip, tar or with the format of our...

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Update software packages on any Debian version

Debian is a Linux operating system widely used in web servers, despite being very friendly, we all need a push to understand how it works. As most servers do not have a graphical interface, since it is not recommended or necessary to have it, we have to use the terminal or console to make all the...

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Increase size limit when uploading files PHP, Nginx and Apache

When we upload files through PHP, there are usually restrictions on the simultaneous number of them, and more than anything on the maximum size per file that we are allowed to upload. A very common default maximum size value is around 2MB per file, and in most scenarios this is too low a value...

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Restart Pure-FTPd in ISPConfig 3 when it cannot be accessed

Pure-FTPd is an FTP server for Linux-based environments that requires little knowledge to run. As not everything is sweet, there are times when we have problems, and there are problems that basically have no explanation, and to solve them it is enough to restart the software services, in the case of...

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Add Swap in Linux without having to reboot

In Linux there are two ways to have swap. The first is with a partition created when installing the system, and the second is with a file in our file system. An example in which we might need to add swap is in the case of virtual servers or virtual machines, since they do not have swap by default...

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Disable System Restore and free up storage in Windows 10

In Windows, the System Restore function provides protection in the case that something goes wrong after installing a program, drivers, among other things, giving the option to restore the system to a previous state automatically generated by the system. But for people who like to live life on the...

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